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BITA coin

International Non-Fungible Permanent Asset

BITA Coin (International Non-Fungible permanent asset) is an Autonomous yield and Liquidity generation protocol. Every time someone buys BITA Coin, the total supply goes down and the Holders get rewarded. Every transaction also creates liquidity, which is automatically LOCKED.



Buy and Hold BITA Coin in your wallet and you will get rewards automatically from every transaction in term of burn and add liquidity. No need to farm, stake or fill out claim forms.
BITA Coin works by taking a 5% fee on every transaction. This is divided into two parts Burn and Add LIQUIDITY. The Burn is a 2.5% transaction fee, The more BITA Coin you hold, the more rewards you will receive. The “DEAD” (Burn) wallet, receives the most percentage to burn. The second part is LP GENERATION, which is often referred to as Liquidity. This part gets 2.5 % transaction fee and deposited back into the PancakeSwap liquidity pool, which is also LOCKED FOR 5 YEARS (2026).

The total supply is 250000 Coins only and Burn fee will Ratio will be stop on 37,700 Coin. More Lesser Supply more Rise in price and more stability.


Total Supply






Balance Actual circulating supply After all burns.

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Binance Smart Chain




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Marketing Strategy


bitacoin will partner with several financial institutions and blockchain companies to help promote its exchange globally.

Social Media Marketing

Social media today is an efficient marketing strategy for every industry. bitacoin will adopt all social media.

Burning and Redistribution

Burning and Redistribution are some of the best marketing strategies for every crypto project. Free tokens will be given out all through. and burning supply make sure the price stability

Public Relation

We will ensure effective public relations. PR articles will be released weekly on top cryptocurrency blogs.

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